The Classroom Grant Program is designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize, and reward effective, innovative, and creative, instructional approaches that directly impact students while transforming classroom learning.

The grant process has changed for 2019 and is very different than in years past. CISD Educators, please read these guidelines carefully.
If you have any questions, please contact the Coppell ISD Education Foundation Administrator .
For the complete Grant Submission Guidelines, please click here .

Award of Funds:
  • Up to $7,500 awarded to the campus for grade level teams/or department/district-initiated programs/projects.
  • Up to $3,000 awarded to the campus for individual teacher initiated program/projects.
  • No more than 2 total grant submissions per teacher (1 individual & 1 as part of a group).
  • No limit on number of grants per school.
  • If a grant is not fully funded by general donors and/or CEF, the Living Tree website will re-open in the Spring Semester for further opportunity of funding.

Grant Cycle:
All grant applications must be submitted THROUGH LIVING TREE WEBSITE starting August 23, 2019 through September 27, 2019 for programs/projects beginning in the current school year.

Grant Process:
  • The educator will submit a grant/campaign using the template provided on Livingtree.com.
             o Contact CISD to get “Approved Vendor Status” for the retailer you are purchasing from.
             o CEF will award up to one grant per campus to use a non-approved vendor. All items will be purchased by the Coppell ISD Education     
                Foundation Administrator.
  • The Principal will review and approve the grant/campaign including all content, written and collateral images, after you have published it.
  • Central office staff will review and approve the grant/campaign including all content, written and collateral images.
  • The CISD Education Foundation will review and publish the grant/campaign.
  • The “Grant Patrol” will award grants during a scheduled visit.

Selection Criteria:
  • Transforms classroom learning through creative, effective and/or innovative instructional approaches
  • Important and relevant to CISD’s Educational Goals
  • Activities and objectives have measurable evaluative procedures
  • Clear and logical proposal, including specific objectives and description of instructional strategies, procedures, and/or methods

Grants NOT Funded:
  • Furniture
  • Travel
  • Payroll
  • Staff development, conferences, etc
  • Gift cards
  • Computer hardware/software not approved by CISD technology department
  • Projects not aligned with CISD curriculum
  • Projects not approved by the campus principal
  • Projects that have already been funded through CISD funds or Bonds

Fall 2019 Coppell ISD Education Foundation Grant Timeline

August 23, 2019: Any Teacher wanting to start the grant submission process must complete this quick google form to tell us you would like a user name (that will be linked to your school).

August 23, 2019: Living Tree website opens for grant/campaign submission

September 27, 2019: Grant/Campaign submission deadline

October 1, 2019: Principal approval deadline

October 4, 2019: District approval deadline

October 9, 2019: Grant committee meets to review grants/campaigns

October 15, 2019: Living Tree grant site will open to public for fundraising

November 15, 2019: Living Tree grant site will close to public for fundraising

December 2019: Grants awarded by “Grant Patrol”

February 4, 2019: First status report emailed to  info@coppellisdef.com

March 20, 2019: Second status report emailed to  info@coppellisdef.com

April 24, 2019: Final status report emailed to  info@coppellisdef.com

Please also review the Online Fundraising Information and Guidelines for CISD Staff  
provided by CISD.

The 2019 Grant submision period has closed. 

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